Posting business transactions to SAP using node.js

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In this article I will explain how a purchase order can be posted to SAP via a simple OData service hosted on SAP netweaver gateway, using node.js

This method is becoming a popular way of integrating with SAP especially from thin clients such as mobile devices. The traditional methods of SAP integration (such as RFCs, IDocs) require the SAP client library (such as the java (JCO) connector or the .Net connector) to be properly set up on the integrating system.


What is OData:

Stands for Open Data Protocol and is also known as ODBC for the web (referring to the API used to interface with the database). It was initially developed by Microsoft and later became a standardized protocol of the OASIS OData Technical Committee. It is used to create/consume RESTFUL APIs which allows these APIs to expose data in the OData format, OData also enables the querying of data exposed by the API while using SQL like statements issued via HTTP methods.

Click here for more information on OData

More details coming soon…

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