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The modern app development essentially¬†is API development because the software is composed of smaller components, i.e. microservices. Simply put, the applications are developed while producing and consuming functionality exposed as APIs. (more…)

Classic Integration

Classic or legacy integration involves laying down a middleware platform that helps in establishing robust and secure communication between on-prem heterogeneous apps and systems. Such platforms help in setting up mediation (more…)

Hybrid Integration

The modern enterprise application landscape is becoming increasingly made up of on-prem legacy LOB (line of business), B2B/B2C and cloud based SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) applications. The integration and orchestration between (more…)


EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) has been the lifeblood of realtime (electronic) exchange of business-to-business transactions between trading entities for decades now and still going strong. EDI lays down the foundation of business (more…)

Data Intgration

This refers to the consolidation and cleansing of data from various sources such as databases, apps, services, files etc. The combined data is then presented in a unified view that can in turn be sourced for further processing upstream (more…)


Microservices architecture is SOA re-incarnation in essence. The idea here is to break the application down to its components functionally. These components could be living in their own ecosystems with each being an independent entity, (more…)

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